What kind of counseling do you offer?

GMT employs a method of counseling utilizing Spiritual / Biblical Truths. In this kind of counseling, The Holy Spirit becomes the ultimate counselor. God becomes the agent of change, provided the counselee surrenders to the process. GMT’s goal is to convey the way of freedom from mental and emotional symptoms, familial and marital conflict, as well as other difficulties, utilizing Spiritual / Biblical Truths. Our counselors have no specialties, we find this Christ Centered approach to counseling to be both practical and effective in most situations. We work with families, couples, or individuals.

Are your counselors licensed and have degrees in counseling?

GMT employs and trains it’s own counseling staff. Since we offer spiritual, Christ-centered counseling, we do not look at secular standards as necessarily qualifying people for staff at GMT. Some of our counseling staff have professional advanced degrees, and some do not. Since we offer pastoral counseling, a state license is not required.

What do you charge for your counseling?

There is not a fee or a charge for our counseling. We provide the counseling on a donation basis. There is a recommended rate of a $85 donation per 50 minute counseling session, but no one will be turned away from receiving counseling for financial reasons. Participants are encouraged to take as much responsibility financially as they are able, realizing that both the counselee and GMT is trusting in God as the provider.

Are you affiliated with a specific church or denomination?

No, we are not connected with any church or denomination by design. We want to be available to minister to the entire Body of Christ so we have intentionally been set up completely independent of any church or denomination. The nature of our message, the believer’s union with Christ in His death, burial, resurrection and seating in heaven in Christ crosses all denominational lines. GMT is governed locally by a Board of Directors that watches over the operation of this ministry. We are also a member in good standing with the Association of Exchanged Life.

Do you offer remote sessions like Skype?

Yes! Please send me a request under contact and we can set it up!